Bouchra Arbaoui PhD.

I am the embodiment of what I can give you. My life was dominated by a split between mind and body. I could be in both but not at the same time. On the one hand there was the spiritual part of me that was dominated, up to my 33rd, by the intellect and on the other hand was the earthly side in me that occasionally emerged from the unconscious as chaotic, violently emotional and undifferentiated.

My ego had then chosen the intellect above all and I walked an academic path until 2014. That ended in 2014 with a PhD in social sciences from the University of Amsterdam. My soul and body have reached a deep trough on this path and I had to undergo a depression between 2009 and 2012. This was a point where, perhaps for the first time in my life, I allowed my soul to guide me. This has led to the withdrawal of my academic career. I focused completely on my body and its expression. I got to know my soul through my body. There was no one 'teaching' that could show me the way, I had to find my way through different traditions. Japanese dance Butho, theater and voice work and then Jungian work, ThetaHealing and somatic work are the main traditions that have shaped and guided me.

In 2019 I completed the 3-year Jungian education at the Jung Academy Netherlands. I am also a certified ThetaHealer (basic, advanced and dig deeper). I have also been trained in Somatic Voice and movement integration (VMI) for 2 years and have followed various training courses in energy healing workshops. I still follow various training courses in energy and bodywork to always stay in development and to be aware of various new insights in this rapidly changing field.

All my experiences with the soul and body come together in my healing sessions. I offer you a unique approach to healing where the core is the "owning" of where you are now in your body to create space for where your soul wants to go. So that you can take action and take responsibility. 

From touch and silence to movement, and finally to a pure language and communication and creation with and from the soul-body.

The eternal spiral that starts from the earth of your body, reaches to heaven and comes back, to start a new.