Soul to Matter Matter to Soul 

Do you feel :

Body complaints that are unexplained?

Not at home in your body and / or in your life?

A lack of connection and intimacy with yourself and with your loved ones?

As if something is wrong and you often wonder: What is wrong with me?

As if you do not belong to your family / work and environment?

As if a part or parts of you that belong to you are missing, or loose, and you can't reach it? A feeling of loss and often disorientation...

That there is something more than what you live or experience now, only you do not know what that is? As if you have forgotten something essential to who you are and you need to remember...

You may instinctively feel that there is more to life than the appearances you are experiencing now. You long for something bigger than yourself but you have no idea how to get to it? What is that what you want? It feels like the pain you are in is asking you to be born again ...

But how do you do that?

You've come to the right place.

I offer you through Integrative Depth Therapy following C.G. Jung and Somatic Experiencing a safe place where you can get to know your own healing transformative capacity and meet the core of your being in soul and matter.

You are your own authority and your own healer. By integrating bodily awakening and soul work, together we achieve sustainable results that lead to lasting healing, transformation, growth, development, love and peace.

We don't fix a problem, we meet human existence

"I worked with Bouchra for several months. She is a warm, listening and understanding person. Her strong feature is creativity when it comes to the number of different ways to work with the body and emotions. I heartily recommend her. She will help you return to your true self."


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What I found special about the sessions at Bouchra is that I could be there so safely, almost like a child again. She really empowered me with physical and imaginative exercises and helped me become friends with myself. She also contributed to literally find my voice and express myself. I also found it very insightful to experience dreams or fantasies and discover they can mean something other than what I thought of them myself beforehand. This was reassuring. For me the imaginative worked very much. Maybe other people need something else, I'm sure Bouchra will sense that and can communicate with you in a way that suits you. A special experience!


  • When the soul feels at home with the body, the body is alive. 
  • This is Saying  yes to life here on earth. 

     Embodied Jung

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    "I came to Bouchra because I had sleep problems and my life was totally stuck. I had lost my job and was already in multiple trajectories with other psychologists. With Bouchra I learned to allow and accept the feelings I felt and feel them in my body. Also. my intuition has woken up and my trust it and my visualisations are getting stronger and clearer. I now have a job and at work and family I deal better with the different challenges and I am  getting better at setting my boundaries ".


    Healing from the Source

    This work is for you if you want to learn more about who you really are. Especially if you are struggling with feelings of being stuck, not knowing what you want, or if you are unable to take action. When your feelings are flat and you are disturbed by questions like 'what is the purpose of my life?' 'why am I here?' and other forms of this question. If you want to become more aware of your behavioural patterns and your hidden belief system. When you feel like your mind and body are separate. If you want to know why you do what you do and discover your hidden talents and your inner child. If you have health problems that are not diagnosed by mainstream healthcare, this approach will help you. Relationship problems are always a mirror of our inner struggles, and when you take this work seriously, where shadow work is the starting point, you will find that your relationships change: some disappear and some deepen and others are born.

    My work with you is about the Now. It focuses on you Now. The work starts from now on showing you where you want to go. Problems from the past can block you, so they can come up because they are present in the Now, but that is only to help you better understand the Now and see where you want to go. In this work, the finality, the destiny, is what leads us instead of intellect causality and fate.

            • When an inner situation is not made conscious, it appears outside as fate. C.G. Jung